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The exhibition "Fabric Tale", presentes the life stories of two fashion designers: Yoav Meir Warren Zuriel, and illustrator Ania Dergachev. The story is described through symbolic objects that depict the inner world and ambience of each. Each story is illustrated and printed on fabric, provided to the fashion designer and tailor it to their choice.


The exhibition attempts to examine the connection between fashion illustration? What happens when personal story is worn? And how it is changing transitions from page to garment? Let's find out the combined forces of illustration and fashion design through a fascinating journey of collaboration.

Artist House Tel Aviv 16/09-08/10

What type of dialog takes place between childhood and adulthood during wartime? And how are pain, killing, and helplessness perceived from these two different perspectives? Ania Dergachev and Dave Yaacov went back in time, to the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany – the invasion of Normandy – to conduct an open discussion regarding the balance of power between a child, the ultimate representation of helplessness, and an adult, who is responsible for the child's fate. And to wonder whether people ever stop being children – in the lack of control over the wars imposed on them. The absence of children from the invasion is the basis of artistic creation as an informed choice that facilitates a new dialog. Does their absence spare them from the consequences of the struggle?

Mazeh 9 – the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality's Center for Young Adults

June 6-8, 2016

Following a vegan revolution and the increasing awareness of animal suffering, the exhibition creates  fashion without the use of animals, and materials such as leather, fur, feathers, wool or silk.


The exhibition unites 32 designers from different fields such as fashion, textiles, jewelry and more, which will present a fashion item created especially for the exhibition. The goal is to keep the animals as inspiration alone and let them live their lives.

Design Museum Hulon 24/09-26/11

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